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Professional designs built with passion and sprinkled with love and care to meet the most meticulous requirements.

HomeFirst Mortgage

HomeFirst Mortgage Bankers

A mortgage financing firm for those wanting to finally own their new house. This website required pixel-perfect design and a very high attention to detail as the client was a perfectionist. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every single bit of time building it from top to bottom.

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Codakid: Coding for Kids

This is a website for kids who wanted to learn computer programming. The project was really fun because of the bright colors and kid-oriented stuff, but it was also one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever done. Mainly because I was still learning Beaver at that time.

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This awesome company from Denver handles all of their client’s SEO and Digital Marketing needs. They are very dedicated to their craft and has so far delivered very impressive results. My job here is to build high quality websites that are mobile friendly and loads as fast as lightning!

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Elvia Rivas: Ontario City Council

A politician from Ontario who wanted to put up a website for the incoming elections. She wanted the site to focus on her achievements and her contributions to the community. So I created one that’ll really stand out from the rest. She loved it and thanked me a lot for doing a good job.

Website URL:

Elvia Rivas
Strayangel Films

Strayangel: Los Angeles, California

This is an e-Commerce website that I had to port from Joomla to WordPress. The company offers Camera rentals and most equipments you would see in a film shoot. Their shop has hundreds and hundreds of it. This project took a little more than a month but boy it was awesome!

Website URL:

Anew Medical: Rosemead, California

Anew Laser, M.D. offers innovative, advanced procedures using state-of-the-art Laser Technology to allow healing from within, and beautify from without! The client specifically wanted green colors matching their logo. But at the same time it should be clean and elegant. Well, here you are!

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And some more masterpieces

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